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Co-lateral · Production Centre

Work & Travel


We’re currently offering work and travel opportunities to participate in the refurbishment of the project space. Join us and improve your building skills involving yourself in a social project!

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Co-Building – Workshop Rental

Co-Lateral offers a space for makers, carpenters, architects or designers, either professionals or hobbyists. The workshop is equipped for wood and metal work with high end hand tools and power tools from Bosch.

Half-day pass: 12€
Day pass: 20€
Week pass: 80€
Month pass: 240€

+ One time introduction fee 10€ for skilled users
+ One time introduction fee 30€ for beginners

We are slowly reopening our project space! For now renting of the facilities is limited to Mondays.
Get in touch to book the place!


– Workshop open Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm
– Deposit 100€, given back at the end of the project.
– Price for 1 person, skilled user.
– Professional assistance 15€/h. Would you like to use our workshop with professional guidance? No problem! Upon request our carpenter can assist you with your project or just for the tricky tasks to avoid finger cutting.
– Machines/bits are given funcitonal and checked out every day. If a machine/bits is given back damaged, repair costs are on the charge of the user.
– Disposables not included (sanding paper, etc.)

Workshops and Events

Organise your workshop in Co-Lateral!

Co-Lateral hosts and co-organises workshops from third-parties. You’re a maker, DIYer, yogi, dancer, musician, cook, porn star, and you want to organise a format, from workshop to reading group in our space?

Contact us and we’ll discuss possible models and conditions.


Co-Lateral is the first production centre in the neighbourhood of Ramalde, Porto, with co-working and co-building facilities. The production centre aims to develop and experiment with sustainable, long-lasting, repairable construction processes for socially-relevant spaces. We are also developing a social and cultural programme in collaboration with our neighbouring community.

Co-lateral is a project by Critical Concrete, collaborating locally with